Anthony Antoine is performance poet, community activist and recognized trailblazer of the LGBT Music Scene recording his first out and proud song in 1997 and his first independently released out music project Dante’s Got a Man Too in 1999. His latest full length release Masters of Dance is his 12th CD project and is a double-disc celebration of dance music. 

Since 1999, Anthony has also worked on the front lines of HIV/STI Prevention for Atlanta and beyond with a tireless focus on MSM communities for AID Atlanta, ARCA and now as a Senior Research Project Coordinator at Emory University.  He is a father, great friend, listener and a featured writer for the It Gets Better book and campaign. 

Anthony affectionately pegged as The Concert Freak has cultivated three successful YouTube channels that parade over 10 million viral video views; most of which feature provocative political activism and rare live performances of his favorite artist friends.  He completes the legendary Atlanta-born performance poetry trio The Adodi Muse: A Gay Negro Ensemble.  World Traveler, Brick City Baby, Lover of Hip-Hop, Brazenly Queer and Big to four high-spirited Littles as part of the Big Brother, Big Sister program, Anthony wants to share an inspiring bit of his life and his world.  Unapologetically.  Passionately.  It got better.